EntrepreneurShip Programme

We will grant a scholarship through an LDE source in order to get parallel experience for competitive skills in order to become an Entrepreneur and lead a successful career.

Practical Learning

Any Techy student will only have theoretical knowledge; we supply it in practical here.

Realistic Workshop

Making equipment at the college workshop will provide industry with practical knowledge.

Self Earning

With our process, any techy student can make a monthly salary from in-house part-time job.

MERIT TECH Scholarship

MERIT TECH Scholarship is a novel concept that enables the Engineering core to raise the bar by providing real-time access to the Engineering course.

About Organisation

Researched, Analysed, Developed, and Implemented advanced techniques to update existing technologies in order to increase mileage for national integrity and achieve complete outcomes in many needed areas.

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Learning, Doing, Earning

To execute the above model, we intend to start an online merit test for candidates selection as per merit, we will provide a scholarship with an LDE source to gain parallel experience for competitive skills to become an Entrepreneur to lead a successful career.

a) Plan to conduct Online Eligibility Test for MPC passed Students ( EAMCET & ECET)

b) Rankers to be encouraged with different educational benefits.

  1. i) For 1st 100 nos. 4 years spornsorship
  2. ii) 101 to 1000 nos. Rs. 30,000/- College FEE ( 4 years)
  3. iii) 1001 to 10000 nos. : University Fee + Books + Real Time projects
  4. iv) 11100 nos. Mini & Major projects ( On EV & Other obstracts )
  5. v) Entrepreneurship program to all Students
  6. vi) Introducing Learning - Doing - Earning concept to gain real time experience with compensative revenues* ( monthly expenses)
  7. vii) Assistance on Campus selections


To become more competitive and employable in today's world, one must choose the correct kind of academic training combined with specialised training.


Students must participate in workshops to learn something new that will be useful in their future careers; here, earning is advantageous.


Self-employment and financial independence are extremely crucial at the time of graduation, and programmes should provide them accordingly.


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